Intelligent RV Consignment 

Any Automobile or recreational dealer can sell your RV on “consignment”.

You must understand how consignment of your RV works.  First, your RV must be marketable.  This means the dealer must be able to sell your RV at a profit to make it worth his time.  The dealer is going to be responsible for showing, cleaning and warranting your RV to the new buyer, and making a profit off of the difference.  This means your RV must be priced for sale at or near market value, it must be in working condition, in the case of driveable RV’s it must be able to pass emissions and safety inspections involving brakes, lights and mandated safety equipment.  

RV dealers are different.  They carry different types and makes of RV’s  A dealer might have too many RV’s similar to yours on his lot, making your difficult to sell, some may be looking for inventory like yours to fill holes in their line-up.   Some may have too many similar to yours.  In order to get the maximum value for your RV it may be necessary to take your RV to a dealer in a market outside of your immediate area.  Some specialize in driveable, some specialize in towables (trailers), some sell both.  Some dealers have age limitations on what they sell on their lots, some do not.  Some specialize in more expensive driveable  RV’s, some pop up campers.  When you complete the form on the next page you will be placed in contact with licensed dealers that will do the best possible job for you based on what you have for them to consign.  Most importantly the right dealer will give you an honest assessment of what you can expect to net from the sale of your RV.



Be an educated RV owner & consignor.

Don't let your motorhome or trailer just be idle filler to make some dealers lot look fuller.  Ask lots of questions, read all documents  carefully, and understand them before you sign.     

RV Consignment Sales